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Story 1 – First Action Hero

KC had been practicing this first fight routine for a while now, had it down and was ready to shoot. This was the very first action sequence that KC was going to shoot. The team ran through it a few times slowly just to get it all right and then it was time to film it. So, “action” right? The team goes nearly full speed and of course the very last move KC has to make before “cut” KC was supposed to go low and instead went high and Ruben, the stunt man at that time, clocked KC in the head full blast with the prop sword which, fake or not, is still a sword . It wasn’t Ruben’s fault at all. This leaves a giant gnash on KC’s head and now the makeup team has to scramble to make it seem like KC has a messed up forehead. But KC really did have a messed up forehead. So yeah, “cut” indeed.