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Our crowdfunding video production services at Think Global Media are specifically designed to help individuals and businesses looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign. We understand the importance of creating a compelling video that captures the attention of potential backers and communicates the value of your project.

Video Preproduction

Our team of experts works closely with clients to develop creative concepts, write scripts, and create a treatment plan that effectively communicates the purpose and goals of the crowdfunding campaign.

During Preproduction, we handle all logistics, including location scouting, casting, and equipment rental. We work with clients to ensure that every detail of the shoot is planned and executed flawlessly.

Onsite Video Production

On-site Production Filming is where we bring the project to life. Our team arrives fully prepared with all necessary equipment and crew members to capture the footage required for the video. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality footage.

Video Post-production

Postproduction is where we take the raw footage and turn it into a compelling video that engages potential backers. Our experienced editors use the latest software and technology to edit, color grade, and add visual effects and sound design to create a video that delivers results.

At Think Global Media, we understand the importance of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Our crowdfunding video production services are designed to help you achieve your fundraising goals and communicate your message effectively.
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            Raising funds for businesses and individuals has never been easier with media today. Now, we take an additional step forward by providing Fundraising Campaign videos for our clients. With outlets like KICKSTARTER, INDIEGOGO, and GOFUNDME, we can produce high-quality videos to capture your business or personal projects, and efficiently capture the attention and opportunity of potential investors.


The Kickstarter community has been assisting projects of all scales, to find the resources and support people need to bring their concepts to life. Creating a video to share your concept with the world is an effective way to achieve success.


Being one of the world’s largest social fundraising platforms, new campaigns are limitlessly being created. Including a video to capture your story is an emphatic way to peak interest and gain exposure and favor from potential investors.

If you’re planning a crowdfunding campaign, a high-quality video is essential to your success. But where do you start when it comes to hiring a video production company? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you in the process:

Q: What should I look for in a crowdfunding video production company?

A: It’s important to find a company that has experience producing crowdfunding videos specifically. Look for a portfolio of successful campaigns they have worked on and check for client testimonials. You’ll also want to make sure they have a clear process for developing the video, from concept to final delivery.

Q: How do I know if they understand my project and objectives?

A: A good production company will take the time to listen to your goals and understand your project. They should ask questions to clarify your vision and objectives and be able to provide creative solutions to bring your project to life.

Q: What is the typical timeline for producing a crowdfunding video?

A: The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the scope of work. However, a good production company should be able to provide a clear timeline and stick to it. It’s important to start the process early to allow enough time for planning, filming, and post-production.

Q: How much does a crowdfunding video production cost?

A: The cost of a video production can vary depending on factors such as the length of the video, the complexity of the production, and the experience of the production team. It’s important to get a clear understanding of the costs upfront and make sure it fits within your budget.

Q: How do I make sure the final video meets my expectations?

A: Communication is key! A good production company will provide regular updates and seek feedback throughout the process. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the production process and deliverables, and provide feedback in a timely manner to ensure the final video meets your expectations.

In summary, it’s important to do your research and find a crowdfunding video production company that has experience producing successful campaigns, understands your project and objectives, and can provide clear communication and a transparent timeline and budget. With the right team in place, your crowdfunding campaign can be a success.

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