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Special FX Makeup Artist Film Production


Think Global Media has always been dedicated to providing exceptional film and video production services to our clients. But now, we’re taking things to the next level with our new special effects make up, film production practicals, latex mask design, sculpting, and foam fabrication services.

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Frank “Stash” SFX Make Up Artist 
Specializing in Film Production Practicals, Creature Sculpting, Latex Mask Design, Fabricator / Sculpting & Foam

Frank “Stash” is a highly skilled and experienced special-effects make up artist who has a passion for creating realistic and striking effects that bring characters to life on the big screen,

Throughout his career, Frank has worked on a wide range of film productions, from small indie short films to feature films. He has created everything from subtle cosmetic effects to gruesome and terrifying creatures.

Frank’s attention to detail and commitment to quality are second to none, and he takes great pride in his ability to create effects that are both visually stunning and true to the characters and stories being portrayed on screen. He has a deep understanding of the creative process and works closely with directors and producers to ensure that his work enhances and supports the overall vision of the film.

In addition to his work in the film production industry, Frank is also an accomplished artist and sculptor, and he brings a unique level of creativity and artistic vision to every project he works on. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in special-effects make up, and he is always looking for new and innovative ways to create stunning visual effects that captivate and engage audiences.

Whether he’s creating intricate prosthetics, applying makeup to actors, or designing and sculpting custom props and creatures, Frank is a true master of his craft. His passion, creativity, and dedication to his work make him a valuable asset to our film production team.

Jackie SFX Make Up Artist 
Specializing in SFX Make up & Traditional Makeup Artistry

10 years of Experience of Makeup and Hair in Film Production. Professional Production Makeup Artist Specializing in Special FX Makeup, Injury Simulation, Character Creation, Glamour Makeup, Clean Beauty and Avant-Garde Makeup. Jackie is a talented special-effects and traditional make up artist who is no stranger to the film and television industry.

Jackie’s expertise in special-effects make up allows her to create realistic and imaginative effects that truly capture the essence of a character. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that every effect she creates is visually stunning and true to the overall vision of the production.

In addition to her work in special-effects make up, Jackie is also a skilled traditional make up artist. She has a deep understanding of color theory and contouring techniques, and she uses this knowledge to create beautiful and natural looks for actors and performers.

Jackie’s versatility and creativity have made her a valuable asset to film and television productions of all sizes.

With a passion for her craft and a dedication to her clients, Jackie is truly one of the best make up artists in the industry. Her ability to bring characters to life through make up is unmatched, and she is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of special-effects make up and traditional make up artistry.

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Special FX Makeup Artist

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