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Casting Submissions

Scripted Couples TV Show (Actors will be paired as “couples” for the show):

Production Date: Dec 7th, 8th & 9th 2021

Place: Immokalee, FL. / Lodging will be provided to cast

Casting for ages: 25 – 60 years of age
Must be good actors/ ability to improvise

Actors will play the part of a party in a relationship/marriage that did not work out. The man will face different challenges to get the love of their life back.


STEP #1 Record a self tape of the following Sides below using your phone in the horizontal position. Make sure to have adequate lighting on your face while filming the scene.

STEP #2 EMAIL Globalfilmzstudios@gmail.com with following:

  • Head Shot/Photo
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Self tape
  • Reel (if available)
  • Name of Agency Representing you (If any)




Every time I think about the last five years I think of how long it took for me to realize how little you cared.
And now you are asking to come back into my life.
No sir. How does that saying go?
Trick me once, shame on you.
Trick me twice, shame on me.
(She turns to the camera)
I want to get out of this place.
Who is in charge here?
Let me out of here or I am going to call the police….My smartphone.?!! Where is my smartphone ?!!


I know I did wrong. But that was someone else. Baby I have changed.
I really have… oh, come on…you can ask anyway.  I am not the same guy….I just don’t care about looks anymore.
I accept you for you and that is ok.
In the last five years I have sown my oats and I realize you were the best thing ever.
Oh cares you will never be a model. I am into the spirit now….
That locket around your neck? Is that a picture of your sister in it?
Wow. She became hot in the last five years. Just wow…. What’s with face of yours… I am not into her… I told you. I am spiritual now…. Oh, come on. Don’t get up and leave…. Boy, you have not changed…