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5 Tips for Drone Photography & Videography for Stunning Visuals

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5 Tips for Drone Photography & Videography for Stunning Visuals

If you’re new to drones for capturing amazing images and film, it may seem a little overwhelming. But, with these tips for drone photography & videography you’ll be a pro in no time. While some may seem a little complex, the most important thing is to just keep practicing to improve!

Here Are 5 Top Tips for Drone Photography & Videography 

  1. Know the Rules

As with any type of imaging, there are places where no drone has gone before as they’re not allowed. Private property is off limits, even if you don’t physically step foot on it. Also, you need to obtain a drone pilot license in order to fly the drone for photo and video purposes if your equipment weighs more than .55 pounds. This is a requirement by the Federal Aviation Administration. Be sure to follow this and all other rules and regulations in your state and country.

  1. Take a Selfie

Taking a selfie with your drone can help you understand what you’re looking at and develop spatial awareness to better understand how to capture the best images. You want to make sure you know where to fly your drone to capture the images you want and avoid the images you don’t. The last thing you want is disappointment after you thought you had amazing photos and / or videos.

  1. Know Your Radius

This is equally as important as spatial awareness for imaging and videography. You definitely want to know how far you can fly your drone away from you and still capture amazing images. You also want to make sure that you don’t lose connection in the middle of your session.

  1. Understand Filmmaking

This goes hand in hand with tips two and three. You want to understand exactly what you’re looking at and where you want to look at it from. It helps to start with a drawing board to help fully envision what you’re attempting to capture. You definitely don’t want to finish a shoot and have content that doesn’t fit with your goal or not have the content you need to finish your project. At the same time, having an understanding of filmmaking can help you creatively use unwanted objects or images to your advantage. 

  1. Hire a Professional

The most important of the tips for drone photography & videography is to hire a professional. This ensures that everything you envision for your project turns out exactly how you want it.

If you’re looking for a professional to help give you more tips for drone photography & videography, look no further than GlobalFilmz! Contact us at 888-653-2688 to start working with our professionals or to hire us for an outstanding final product!