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Nathan Taupez Scinto – Biography

Nathan Taupez Scinto, Founder of Think Global Media (dba Global Filmz), started his journey as a Producer in 2001, producing 16 episode TV series on a Fox affiliate.

Nathan established his production team of creatives In 2015 – only a year later, Think Global Media (dba Global Filmz) was officially founded.
By 2016, Nathan Scinto was able to open a Global Filmz office in Brickell Miami that is now known as the Global Filmz Miami Branch.

By 2021, he founded Global Filmz Studios and opened his first video production studio in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. During this time, Nathan launched a Global Filmz NYC Division  opening a office in Manhattan, NY in the World Trade Center with plans to open a second creative space / production studio in Brooklyn, New York.

In 2002, Nathan expanded Global Filmz to the District of Columbia opening Global Filmz – Washington, DC  that also services the state of Virginia.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Production Studio Global Filmz Studios. It’s a 2500 sqft state of the art Photography, Film and Video Production Smart Studio. After the Covid 19 outbreak, implementing touch-free systems in-house seemed like the way to go. It’s an entirely hands-free facility; the production lights, switches, and even the music are activated by voice command.

Amazingly enough, Nathan Taupez Scinto still maintains time for his passion projects. One of those being an account of how the former marketer turned filmmaker, expanded into a global media company employing over 30 full time filmmakers. The feature length documentary is titled “Committed to the Craft” – The Global Filmz Story. For now, its still making its way through the film festival circuit. A public release will be in winter of 2022 on Amazon. Other plans set to launch early next year are continued branch expansion efforts. Nathan hopes to open another one of his state-of-the-art production studios in Atlanta Georgia by the end of the year.

Nathan has had a strong year as a Producer in 2021-2022 receiving multiple film awards for various projects such as:

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Producer’s Awards:


London Movie Awards

2022 Best Full-Feature Documentary


Paris Film Awards

2022 Best Full-Feature Documentary


Hollywood Gold Awards

2022 Best Full Feature Documentary


Rome International Movie Awards

2021 Best Full Feature Documentary

2021 Best Short Film

Milan Gold Awards

2022 Best Full Feature Documentary


New York International Film Awards

2022 Feature Documentary Finalist

2021 Cannes World Film Festival

Best Full-Feature Documentary Finalist

Best Social Justice Short Film


Paris Film Festival

2021 Best Full Feature Documentary


Auber International Film Festival, Paris, France.

2021 Best Feature Film Documentary


Rome International Film Festival

2021 Best Full Feature Documentary

2021 Best Drama Short Film


Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

2022 Feature Documentary Finalist

The range of projects the Global Filmz team has tackled since the brand’s founding is astounding. It’s been quite a ride so far and it seems to have only just begun. Nathan Taupez Scinto remains focused on steady growth for himself and the company as a whole.

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