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Committed to the Craft

Committed to the Craft – The Global Filmz Story

Documentary Release Date 2022

From nearly homeless to founder of a global production company and studio, Nathan Taupez Scinto now presents Committed to the Craft – The Global Filmz Story.

The documentary premiered at the Auber International Film Festival in Paris, France, where it received the award for Best Feature Documentary in 2021.

The film achieves its goal of proving what’s possible when one ignores naysayers, throws caution to the wind, and dives headfirst into their dreams without a safety net.

Committed to the Craft, Global Filmz, Think Global Media, the global filmz story

The documentary features a behind the scenes look at how a solo filmmaker expanded his limited resources into what’s now known as Think Global Media dba Global Filmz – a media company employing over 30 full time filmmakers world-wide. It showcases exotic locations and the extensive range of projects the Global Filmz team has tackled since the brand’s founding.

After losing his job in 2014, Nathan took his future into his own hands. With a family to feed and a bank account balance of negative $35, he decided to pursue his filmmaking career full time. In the beginning it was just him, a Panasonic GH4, and a cheap light kit. He’d drive up and down Florida in a 24 year-old Audi convertible accepting any gig that came his way.

It was throughout these humble beginnings, where the group of creatives who now make up the company’s core production team were first assembled. As Nathan points out: “It takes a village, obviously, the more you grow, the more you need.”

This inspiring documentary shows each of these unique personalities with their own back stories. Their individual perspectives, talent, and playful team dynamic are the driving force behind the rise and overall success of the Global Filmz brand.


committed to the craft, global filmz, think global media, producer, Nathan taupez scinto, Nathan scinto




Committed to the Craft, Global Filmz, Think Global Media, the global filmz story

This story centers around a man, who seemingly had nothing and fought back poverty and a meaningless life…..with only his will and a camera.

After losing his job and only having negative $35 in his bank account, with his family looking to him for their next meal, Nathan makes the
ultimate decision to go for his dream as a Film Maker and bet on himself to take him and his family’s lives into his own hands.

In this journey, loyal personalities assemble as part of a brand that would be what now is known as “Global Filmz.”

This riveting documentary shows us these personalities, with their own unique stories, and individual perspectives that are clearly the fresh,
radical aspect in Global Filmz’s rise to success.

Find out what can happen when we stop accepting the idea of being what we are told to be, and realize that we can be whatever we want to be.

If you just believe in yourself! Don’t be sorry, be better!




Committed to the Craft - The Global Filmz Story