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Story 2 – No Country for Two Men

Leading up to the project, there was a planned location at a house to film. This was the original story line and according to the owner of the house, KC and his friend Chris were safe to check in, stay, train and film there. All was well, KC went through the gate the day of without a hitch, arrived, found the keys and proceeded to go inside. So KC and Chris go inside and there is one of those security alarms beeping on the wall. Neither KC nor Chris had the security code to turn it off, so KC tried to contact the person who was letting them stay, but they weren’t able to reach them in time, so the alarm kept going until the phone rang and KC picked it up expecting the owner. It was the owner alright, only it was the OTHER owner who wasn’t aware that their partner had okayed this stay. All of the sudden KC and Chris had to flee the house as the alarm was sounding off. Needless to say, this ended up working out for the better as the entire staff was able to locate the new location used in the film which in turn worked out much better.