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Best Cinema Drone Pilot in Miami

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Best Cinema Drone Pilot in Miami

Best Cinema Drone Pilot in Miami

Miami’s dynamic landscapes and vibrant atmosphere have become a canvas for filmmakers seeking breathtaking aerial perspectives. In the realm of cinematic drone piloting, Miami stands out as a hub of talent. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the city’s best cinema drone pilots, individuals who have mastered the art of capturing Miami’s magic from the skies. Read More

Fully Licensed and Insured
(Up to 2,000,000 in property damage)

Minimum of 3-4 hours (depending on location)



heavy-lifter drone, red cinema camera drone, arri alexa drone, arri alexa drone pilot, red camera drone pilot, arri alexa drone pilot miami, red camera drone pilot miami, heavy lifter drone miami, heavy lifter drone pilot miamiMarcus M. is a highly skilled and award-winning cinema drone pilot based in Miami. With an exceptional expertise in flying heavy lifter drone rigs, Marcus is renowned for his ability to handle advanced camera systems such as ARRI Alexa Minis and RED Digital Cinema cameras. His precision and finesse in aerial cinematography have earned him numerous accolades in the industry. Marcus’s passion for capturing breathtaking shots from unique perspectives has made him a sought-after professional in the field. With his technical mastery and artistic vision, Marcus continues to push the boundaries of aerial cinematography, delivering stunning visuals that captivate audiences.

Marcus’s expertise extends beyond just flying drones; he possesses an in-depth understanding of advanced cinema camera systems. This knowledge allows him to maximize the potential of these high-end cameras, capturing stunning visuals from the sky.

One of Marcus’s specialties is flying heavy lifter drone rigs. These rigs are specifically designed to carry larger and heavier camera setups, providing the flexibility to use professional-grade equipment for cinematic shots. By utilizing heavy lifter drone rigs, Marcus can achieve smooth and stable footage even with the most sophisticated camera setups.



Marcus’s work has been recognized and celebrated within the industry, earning him multiple awards for his exceptional aerial cinematography. His ability to combine technical precision with artistic vision sets him apart from other drone pilots. Whether it’s capturing sweeping landscapes, dynamic action sequences, or intimate close-ups, Marcus has a keen eye for composition and storytelling, ensuring that every shot he captures is visually compelling and emotionally engaging.


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Global Filmz FPV Drone Service

FPV = First Person View

Micro FPV Drone

FPV Drone Facility Tour

FPV Tour of Corporate Company

FPV Drone BTS Music Video

FPV Racing Drone Reel


Add FPV Drone Sound Design to your Project.

As you may already know, the audio from the FPV drones’s camera is unuseable do to the propellers/motor sounds. This is not a problem at all, we can create a “Surround Sound” sound design that will mimic the FPV drones flight patterns. We can add enviroment ambience, sound effects and If there is a subject and/or object to the left/right of frame the audio would switch accordingly to that specific speaker. If the drone is passing and/or coming up to a subject/object you would here the surrounding audio in stereo according to the drones movements and enviroment. If you are a corporate company using this as a promo video or for your website this is a great opportunity to add in certain slogans, sales pitches, key sentences organically as the FPV drone flys by the subject’s vocalizing those certains keywords you would like for your potential clients to hear in your video.


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