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Video Production Frequently Asked Questions.


  • What are the costs of shooting and editing?

Shooting and Editing are separate entities of the video making process. Typically, $75 per hour to shoot and an additional $75 per hour for editing. For further details, click on POST PRODUCTION.

  • Does it cost extra to shoot at multiple locations?

No. However, the time it takes traveling between locations is counted towards the running hourly rate.

  • What does the hourly rate for shooting include?

All equipment needed to complete production and one camera operator. If additional crew members or resources are needed, they can be provided upon request for additional rates.

  • How much are models and talent?

Talent and model rates begin at $150 per day and up depending on talent and details of the project.

  • Do you provide locations, cars, props, etc.?

Though we are able to provide almost every resource needed to complete video production, additional fees are applicable for anything outside what’s provided in the hourly rate.

  • Where are you located?

We are based in South Florida and do not charge travel fees for projects in-state. We provide services to clients outside of the state, including internationally. Projects requiring special travel arrangements should contact us directly for such requests.

  • What is the difference between the Sony A7S ii Camera and the Red Epic Dragon Digital camera?

Although, they are both great  high quality cameras here are some of the the differences:

Red Epic Dragon Digital Cinema Camera vs Sony A7s ii:

(a)  Red Epic Dragon Shoots in 6K vs Sony 4K

(b) Red Epic Dragon shoot 82fps at 6K  great for slow-motion shots vs Sony A7s ii 30fps at 4K.

(c) Red Epic Dragon offers a brilliant cinematic look to the footage vs Sony’s has a more crisp HD look.

(d) Sony A7s ii holds up much better than the Red Epic Dragon in low-light conditions.

(e) The Red Epic Dragon footage has a larger range of post-production color enhancement options than the Sony A7s ii.